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Anti-hail systems against bad weather
There is no doubt that producing a quality wine is the result of passion and love for the territory and every winegrower is aware of how much sweat is necessary to take care of a good vineyard, which can give you grapes not only of excellent quality, but even in large quantities. However, the unfavorable weather conditions and in particular the hail every year take away a part, sometimes even an important part, of the product. For this reason, to combat the harmful action of the cold there is nothing more effective than installing a good anti-hail system for the vineyard.
This protection system acts as a shield to safeguard the fruits of the hard work of the winemakers, protecting the plants from damage caused by hail, violent storms, wind and bad weather in general every year.
If your area is characterized by both a bitter winter cold, and has to deal with rapid temperature changes, your vineyards / orchards must be protected by a good anti-hail net structure. In this way you can maximize the productivity of your plants, thus arriving at the harvest period you will find every fruit in your plants.

Why choose our anti-hail systems for vineyards?
Our structures have always guaranteed an integrity that will accompany and protect your plant forever. Forget about complex protection systems that take weeks to assemble and a specialized team to do it. And also say goodbye to the constant expenses necessary for maintenance alone.
Here are some of the advantages of the products offered by Vigneto Online:

They are made with the most selected materials
Simple to assemble even without specific qualifications
Economical in management and maintenance
Used with great satisfaction by many of our customers

In Vigneto Online, in addition to structures for vineyards, we also have excellent anti-hail systems for orchards that do not require any specific skills to be assembled, and will wrap and protect your plants in the blink of an eye. With us it will be very easy to choose the most suitable structure according to the specific needs of your vineyard or orchard; thus protecting it not only from the devastating effects of bad weather, but also from UV rays and variations in temperatures.
Choose today to join all our satisfied customers that now the feeling of seeing a part of their fruit damaged by bad weather is just a memory. To receive information on structures for anti-hail nets, you can contact us through the dedicated form and we will be happy to help you in the choice that best suits you.
Don’t waste time and choose now to protect your systems! We already have many customers who have taken advantage of our offers and have chosen to protect their work with an anti-hail system that makes a difference.

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