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For the construction of a vineyard or orchard, the support poles undoubtedly represent the most important choice in the construction of the structure. Currently the most common poles are prestressed concrete poles. (CAP)

The posts have a trapezoidal shape and are produced in different sections. They have 3 smooth and 1 rough sides, 2 sharp edges (possibly rounded) and 2 rounded.
The poles are supplied on lengths tailored to the customer, who can also request the following customizations:
Smoothing of the 2 sharp edges (in order to favor the mechanized harvest; in this way the wear of the beaters of the harvesters is limited).
Coloring of the poles (in order to limit the visual environmental impact). For the production of these poles, we add particular iron oxides to the cement conglomerate; brown colored poles are generally required.
Pole drilling (generally performed on head posts, to tension the support wires by means of special rollers).

High quality raw materials
The CAP poles are produced using only high quality raw materials: Portland Cement 5.25, natural sand and crushed stone from excavations on the Piave river, special strands per cap 2 × 2.25 – 3 × 2.25.

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